A simple candle teaches you that, always be a burning candle which can create an aura of a leader to those around you.


The candle flame  can be shared from one person to another, still the quality of light and warmth emitting from the candle remains the same. 


The characteristics of the candle remains same, even if candle is lit by the x,y,z person .


Candle teaches you to be grounded, if its lit during daytime ,just like leader in the backstage, who stands for empowering the employees and sharing career space for employee’s career growth. 


Candle teaches you to be guide & mentor, if someone seeks right path to move ahead.m5

Candle teaches you to be humble and stand for its characteristics till its last drop of wax.


Candle shows the meaning of team work i.e passing on the candle flame from one person to another,so that intensity of light can be spread around


Candle shows us that, trustworthiness can be passed from person to another . 


Candle shows us that always stand up for those who seek help and be their light


Candle shows us commitment by burning til the last drop of wax.