Employer always prefer a value based candidate, who gives key foundation on the value behavior esp upholding your word given to employer. If employer has given a joining date/ interview date, always try to uphold the word given by you to the employer.


Trustworthiness is key factor an employer, looks in a candidate apart from the skill, you have acquired.Its the trust worthiness, that has helped the employer to stay in the business and making it a brand you look up to. So always display your Trustworthiness by opening up the details in the interaction & build a relation with the employer

3) Communication

  • Always keep the line of the communication open esp phone, email, face to face communication.
  • Always ensure that all the inquiries raised by an employer, is addressed with in a time frame of 8hrs , which will help you to build confidence in the employer.

4)Respect & Honor

  • Always ensure that you treat everyone in the office with respect right from the tea serving person to the receptionist.
  • You never know, they might also play important role in your hiring process

5) Time management

  • Always value the time given by someone, esp when your employer says that you have to report at particular time